9 ottobre 2012

Barometro has the main purpose of certifying the measurement of the Italian television audience.

If you want to do business in the Italian television market, for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing television programs in italy.

Barometro has the main purpose of certifying the measurement of the italian television audience.
Throughout the years, the company has developed its identity on the Italian market of research, achieving the best quality standards of data processing and analysis.
When you need a study about the ratings of a tv network or a tv production that is timely, accurate and certified : you can call us at 06.3735.0466 or email at info@barometro.com .

  • We study the listening of the major national television networks, pointing out the follow for the programming and broadcasting bands which are considered « more crowded » or « more significative ». In details, our studies are focused on the advertising and socio- demographic targets, that support the growth of viewership and advertising collections;
  •  We solve the criticality of the schedule for generalist and thematic channels, setting the genres, the tv programmes and the characters which correspond to the target of the listen, strictly ;
  • We do ad hoc research (about the audience attitude, preferences, choices, intentions of watching a particular tv channel, and the TAM rating) on tv programmes which are on air or on pilot ;
  • We carry out our methodical surveys, using a powerful and updated database of tv programmes (beginning in 1994).

 During the last years, we have improved our level of expertise, reaching the highest results in the statistical research in Italy.